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Fixed Teeth

Dental Implant Lucknow

Are fixed teeth in a day right for me?

At Dental Implant Clinic Lucknow we specialise in the 'Fixed teeth in a day' technique. We have the most up to date facilities to ensure that your implants and bespoke arch of teeth are fitted precisely and with the minimum of fuss and discomfort – all on the same day.
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Predictabilty

Here at Dental Implant Clinic we use only the finest quality implants. The benefits of 'Fixed teeth in a day' have been enjoyed by over a million people worldwide, although the technique is relatively new in the UP.

Dental Implant Lucknow' specialist dental implant techniques normally eliminate the need for bone grafting and lengthy healing times. The technique also provides greater predictability and enables patients to receive a fixed arch of teeth on between four - six implants – and all in the same day.

For many patients we see, conventional implants would not be possible because of damage or poor bone density – but our technique can overcome those challenges.

You will know exactly how your new smile will look because the Clinical Dental Technician at Dental Implant Lucknow will design your new teeth with you - taking into consideration the shape of your face and personal preferences.

He technique is relatively new in the UP.

Eat & Relish the food you love Steaks, apples, sweetcorn…?* Tuck in and enjoy! And not only are your favourite foods easier to eat, but they taste much nicer than with dentures which cover part of your palate.

They look just great

You’ll be astonished at just how beautiful – and natural – your new smile will be. And by increasing the height from nose to chin, the surgery may also take years off your appearance… so get ready for the compliments.

No more embarrassment

Poor teeth or ill-fitting dentures can lead to shyness. If you have suffered in this way, your fantastic new dental implants will help you regain lost confidence.

They’re a healthy option too

Those with poor oral health or gum and tooth disease can often unknowingly be suffering from blood poisoning. The procedure helps stop further bone loss too. With your new fixed teeth, you won’t be so tempted to oversalt your food either – a very common way to compensate for the loss of taste suffered with dentures.